Mounty - an expanding company

Mounty was set up in Münster-Handorf in 2003 as a section of Biologic GmbH & Co. KG.

The new company department was borne out of the enthusiasm and riding experience of company director Günter Grodde, who from the age of ten right up to the present day has remained an enthusiastic horserider. Although he has ended his competitive career, he is still a familiar figure at competition venues, where he can be seen almost every weekend judging dressage events - right up to Grand Prix level.

The marketplace success of the products developed by Mounty, and the accompanying expansion of the business, led in 2009 to the setting up on the existing premises of an  independent company called Mounty Sport Products GmbH & Co. KG. As this name indicates, it was decided at the outset that the newly organized company should diversify into the manufacture of equipment for other outdoor pursuits besides equestrian sports.

The Mounty development team is made up of riders, engineers and scientists. Each product that makes it through the development cycle is tested and, if necessary, optimized by a panel of horsemen and -women and technical, scientific and veterinary experts. Only then is it brought to market.

Dr. Karsten Weitkamp, Veterinary Clinic in Telgte

Naturally, Mounty has its own business team. Anna Rennekamp, a keen rider with her own horse, is in charge of marketing activities and the maintenance of our website.

Tel.: +49 (0)251 2394855

Sandra Berghaus, an experienced horsewoman and riding coach, looks after sales and exports.

Tel.: +49 (0)251 2394857

Talk to us! The Mounty team will be glad to advise you, and to provide practical support.

Mounty is a byword for innovative equestrian products. Amateur and professional riders the world over appreciate our range of labour-saving practical aids, which make life more enjoyable for horses and riders alike.