New Mounty products are responses to practical problems. They are developed to make work routines in stables that bit easier. Riders frequently have to deal with problems great and small in the daily round of looking after their horses. Mounty products provide solutions to these problems.

 Who is most familiar with these difficulties? You, of course!

Have you identified problems, but don’t know how to deal with them?

Have you come up with a good idea, but haven’t the means to turn it into a working reality?

Talk to Mounty!!!

The Mounty team are frequently asked to provide practical grooming tips, or technical solutions to equine health problems. The first thing we ask is whether we’re dealing with a one-off problem or a frequently recurring one. When we have got to the root of the problem, and have ruled out all complicating factors and potential sources of error, our team first of all engage in an intensive exchange of ideas and working experiences. In this way, they  come up with good, practice-oriented solutions. Next, they apply their wide-ranging equestrian and technical expertise to the development of a  prototype. This is how our riders, engineers and scientists devise products you can be sure will withstand the rigours of daily use in your stable.

The Mounty range is a true reflection of this painstaking design philosophy.

The Mounty team wants to hear about your horse-care problems!

Our products:
A programme for the wellbeing of the horse

The Mounty product range includes a Mounting Aid that spares horses’ backs, a prophylactic treatment set for toning tendons and ligaments, and systems for treating injuries and supporting the recovery process.

Practical aids for home stables and tournament venues.

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