Practical equestrian-sports solutions

Mounty is regularly called in to provide technical support in connection with the treatment of equine ailments, and to develop aids that make grooming routines less of a chore. The first thing we have to decide is whether we are dealing with a one-off or a frequently recurring problem. Once the exact cause of the trouble has been identified, and all possibility of a wrong diagnosis eliminated, the development team begins with an intensive exchange of insights gained from past experience. In this way, they transform good - usually commonsense - ideas into technically mature and expertly crafted products. Riders, engineers, veterinary experts and scientists all contribute to the working out of eminently practical solutions.

Mounting Aid - The gentle way into the saddle


Mounty has developed an automatic mounting aid. This is a world first - one from which both horse and rider benefit in equal measure.

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Cool + Press - Rapid cooling and massage


The Cool + Press Boot combines regulated cooling and pulsating massage, which are both universally accepted therapeutic procedures. It can be used when the horse is standing still, and when it is moving.

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Warm-Up - loosens the horse`s back even before mounting


Using new compressed air technology, the Mounty MassageĀ® easy-to-use massage roller will help to loosen, relax and warm up your horse's back muscles before you work him.

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Step-Up - mobile mounting aid


The Mounty Step-Up for the horse trailer is simple and practical. Mounting the horse is quick and easy thanks to the two supports on the trailer, which allows the ramp, if necessary, to be positioned in a horizontal position.

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Roll-Up - A handy device that rolls up bandages quickly and keeps out dirt


Bandages rolled up within a few seconds. Can be used anywhere and at anytime!

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