„I'm now convinced that a mounting aid saves unnecessary expenditure of energy, and reduces the strain on muscles and joints. Placing an unnecessary strain on your mount is poor horsemanship, and making life hard for yourself is plain silly. ” 

Ingrid Klimke
 Successful horsewoman in all diciplines

»Comments like "Anyone who uses a mounting aid should forget about riding and apply for a senior citizens' bus pass" show just how woolly-minded some self-appointed equestrian experts can be. Clearly they have no idea of the tractive forces the horse has to withstand when a rider standing on the ground heaves himself into the saddle. As a professional rider, I find self-satisfied condescension easier to bear than the longsuffering pity of my horse! «

»As far as Mounty Cool+Press is concerned, we think it's a first-rate product. We use the boots at our stables every day, and we always take them with us to riding events. The Mounty mounting aid has been a fixed part of our stable for years. We wouldn't be without it «

Wolfram and Brigitte Wittig
Dressage riders, Isabell Werth’s trainer,
trainer of the German dressage team, instructor, horse breeders

»Mounty Cool+Press, very useful for the treatment of tendons and suspensory ligaments«

»The Mounty mounting aid is an amazingly simple, well-designed piece of equipment that I can only recommend in the highest terms. The use of a mounting aid should be part of the standard procedure for the prevention and management of problems in the horse's back and lumbar regions. «

Dr. Karsten Weitkamp
Horse veterinarian, team veterinarian of the German Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR), participant in two Olympic Games as the German team veterinar


»I use Cool+Press with my horses all the time. They make a perfect aid to regeneration after work-outs.«
Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst
successful international show jumper

"Mounty´s Cool+Press is more than good - it's very good!"

Isabell Werth
Most successful dressage rider of all time


»Cool+Press is afantastic device that can play a useful role in any daily training regime«

Belinda Hitzler
Endurance Rider

»In Germany, some people smirk when they see a mounting aid. In England, you get a well-deserved dressing down if you don't use one. «

Helle K. Kleven

State-approved physiotherapist, equine physiotherapist, equine osteopath (ISEO)

»After training work-outs and at dressage events, I make full use of Mounty's Cool+Press boots. «

Rudolf Zeilinger
Trainer and instructor, trainer of the Danish national team

» Mounty products are an indispensable part our stable equipment. We use them day in day out. As well as making our work routines that bit easier, they provide welcome relief from exertion for both horse and rider. «

Frank Ostholt

Eventing rider, Head of the Federal Performance Center
of the German Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR)


»We wouldn't be without our Mounty products, either here in the stable or when we're participating in competitions at riding arenas.«

Michael Klimke
Dressage trainer, solicitor (specializing in equestrian cases)

Mounty supported the German team by donating sets of their Cool+Press boots: Britta Näpel, Steffen Zeibig, Dr. Angelika Trabert, Hannelore Brenner and Bettina Eistel (photo, left) expressing their appreciation afterwards.

Paralympic Team Germany
Paralympics 2008

Especially our reining horses enjoy Cool+Press after training. It is the best way to keep the legs healthy. We take the system to every competition.

My horses love the Warm-Up while brushing them. They are totally relaxed. So it is good for them and for me. The back is loosens even before mounting! It saves time and money and makes my horses happy.

Rolf Peterka
Westernrider, Trainer & Breeder

»If you mount a horse with care and sensitivity, you will be sparing its back muscles, and you'll notice that it doesn't pull back under the sudden addition of a heavy load. My experience with the mounting aid has been that the favourable leverage it provides reduces the forces acting on the horse's spinal processes. «

»Cool+Press and Warm-Up are very useful, scientifically well-researched products.«

Beatrix Schulte Wien
Head of the German Institute for Equine Osteopathy (DIPO) in Duelmen

At the 2008 World Championships in Malaysia, Sultan Mizan's Royal Stable tried out the  Cool+Press boots on their horses. The Sultan and his team were highly impressed by the results.

Sultan Mizan von Malaysia

The Danish team have also given Mounty Cool+Press boots their vote of confidence: Annika Lykke Dalskov, Caroline Cecilie Nielsen, Line Thorning Jorgensen, Henrik Weber Sibbesen

Paralympic Team Denmark
Paralympics 2008

 » I've been using the Mounty mounting aid whenever possible for quite some time now - and with good reason. For a start, this useful aid makes mounting easier for the horse and the rider. It makes the entire process faster, more dynamic, and, above all, less of a trial of strength. That applies to the rider and the horse in equal measure. People who think mini climbing expeditions are a demonstration of their sporting ability are simply out of touch!«

Johann Hinnemann
Riding master, trainer of the Canadian/ Dutch/ German teams, instructor, horse breeder

The Danish dressage team put their faith in Mounty  Cool+Press boots during the Hong Kong Olympics, and have been using them ever since: Anne van Olst, Andreas Helgstrand, Princess Nathalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Anders Dahl with their trainers Kimi Nielsen and Rudolf Zeilinger.
Olympia Team Denmark
Olympia 2008

Mounty is a MUST for every horselover. It has an important role to play in the daily work routine - both in the stable and at competition events.

Princess Nathalie puts Cool+Press on

Nathalie Sayn Wittgenstein-Berleburg

»For us, Cool+Press boots are standard equipment. We take them with us everywhere. «

Marco Kutscher
Show jumper, trainer in Ludger Beerbaum’s stables

»Use of the Mounty mounting aid is a practical application of good horsemanship". «

Martin Plewa
Trainer of horses, riders and riding instructors at the Westphalian Riding and Driving School (WRFS) in Münster-Handorf

There is a widespread misconception that if you don't mount a horse from the ground, you're not a real horse rider. Some people persistently underestimate the force that it takes to launch a rider standing on the ground into the saddle. I can unreservedly recommend this type of riding aid, for it relieves wear and tear on the saddle, which, after all, establishes the delicate, and absolutely critical, link between rider and horse.

Katrin Kannemeier-Passier
Proprietor of the Passier-Sattel-Werke